About Me

I am an urban planner, freelance writer and social entrepreneur living in Jaffa.

My Bio (in a nutshell): I was born in Decatur, Alabama and grew up in Raleigh, North Carolina. As a teenager, I decided that life was too short to spend four years in high school, and made arrangements to graduate a year early. I spent my last year of high school in a boarding school in Memphis, TN.

At age 17, I arrived in Israel, where I spent several months living on kibbutzim, learning Hebrew and travelling a bit around the Middle East. After returning home to North Carolina, I spent several months waiting tables, then began my undergraduate studies at Boston University. I later transferred to Tel Aviv University to study political science, just in time for 9.11 and the peak of the Second Intifada.

After finishing my BA, I spent eight months in South America, where I lived in Quito, Ecuador for several months, completed an apprenticeship in organic agriculture on a remote farm and studied urban design in Curitiba, Brazil. Latin America was in the midst of a profound political transition, which I was lucky enough to experience on the ground.

In 2006, I returned once again to Israel to study urban planning at the Technion in Haifa. In parallel, I took a Permaculture Design Course in Pardes Hana. During one of the many strikes that occurred during my graduate studies, I began to write for TreeHugger.com.

During 2008-2010, while working on my master’s degree, I worked as a freelance journalist, covering environmental and planning issues. Over the years, I have reported from Israel, the US, the Emirates, Turkey and Mexico. My work has been published in TreeHugger.com, Haaretz, The Jerusalem PostopenDemocracy.netAzure, GreenProphet.com, +972, Mondoweiss and other publications, and I have appeared on NPR, the BBC, and German radio. I created this blog as a way of archiving and displaying my work as a writer.

Also in 2008, I began coordinating a volunteer humanitarian initiative called Fugee Fridays, which worked with African refugees living in Tel Aviv.

Currently, I am working as an independent media consultant while setting up a nonprofit, Open TLV, an organization whose goal is to make urban planning and environmental policy in Tel Aviv more transparent, collaborative and innovative.

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