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Feb 24th, 2010 | By | Category: Featured Articles

Coverage of the 2010 Eilat-Eilot Renewable Energy Conference.

Israel’s Solar Industry Trying to Regain its Edge, Feb. 17: Half a century ago, Israel was a world leader in renewable energy. Today, after years of dragging its feet, the industry is trying to regain its former glory.

Israel, Egypt Considering Joint Solar Energy Project in Sinai, Feb. 18: According to the plan, Israel would supply the technology, with Egypt supplying the land required for the project.

Spearheading an Energy Revolution, Feb. 21: How a remote and sparely populated region is positioning itself on the forefront of Israel’s resurgent green wave.

Solar-Powered Camels and More From Israel Renewable Energy Conference (slideshow), Feb. 23

Will Solar Panels Cover Israel’s Last Open Spaces?, Feb. 23: A conflict may be brewing between an emerging renewable energy industry and environmentalists over land preservation in Israel. The heart of the controversy has to do with where to put the massive solar installations that are expected to be built in the arid Negev and Arava regions in the south of the country.

Can Israel’s Wind Power Sector Compete with Solar?, Feb. 28: In Israel, renewable energy has become almost synonymous with solar energy in its various forms. But what about that other renewable resource – the wind?

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